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no money

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CHRISTMAS HELP, no money: This Christmas is going to be horrible. Recently fell behind in rent and I only work

This Christmas is going to be horrible. Recently fell behind in rent and I only work part time. Can't afford to work full time and have to pay a babysitter. Just can't do it. There is no way to come up with enough to give my babies a beautiful day like they deserve. I'm sad and feeling like a failure lately because I'm in fear of loosing everything. No longer can receive financial assistance due to the fact that I'm working. Now that I have a job I have less money to make ends meet and I don't know where to turn. Please help me find a way to give my daughters a nice Christmas this year!
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Case #101 Is a in need of back-to-school clothes.

Case #100 Soon to be evicted, no money, & unemployed with failing health.

All resources exhausted!
United Way 211, agencies referred to, & five pages of local churches.
Case#100 has been seeking help since April 2013 & thus far only a donation of $60.00 to help. Therefore, DESPERATELY SEEKING ANGELS like YOU to assist. PLEASE visit us on popular social media and help motivate, encourage and leave info. here any assistance greatly appreciated!
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My 36 year old son, married with 3 ages kids 1, 4 and 7 (the 1 year old is his -other 2

My 36 year old son, married with 3 ages kids 1, 4 and 7 (the 1 year old is his -other 2 wife from former relationship), can not work due to a back injury-already file for disability-turned down-, they do get food stamps- no check for the kids- he also has another child 14-can't pay child support-wife 23 lost her job, looks everyday for one, car reprocessed -evicted from home- his family living with brother for now in area where there is not a bus line- traffic tickets $3000-for no child seat-no insurance-fail to appear- what can he do for help -we have done all we can but at lost now-
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Hi my name is Nikita i am a mother of a one year old boy happily married and we

Hi my name is Nikita i am a mother of a one year old boy happily married and we moved to Kingman AZ to take care of my mother in law unfortunatly i cann't find a job still we moved here halloween day and its may 5th now 2012 i need help i cann't get cash asistance for a nother year now i really need help is their someone out their that can be my angel from god and help me with money.
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Aidpage Open Letter: Where are our elected officials that are supposed to care for us?

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi;
US Senators from Mississippi: Roger F. Wicker, Thad Cochran;
US Representatives from Mississippi: Bennie G. Thompson, Gregg Harper, Steven M. Palazzo, Travis W. Childers;

i am a senior citizen, and am a cancer patient. we are struggling, gas is almost unatainable, and food is getting very expensive, in fact there are times we are hungry, we do not have small children any longer, but  my husband is the only one that can work at this time, and the money is not enough. Medical bills are very high due to my cancer, and we can only afford to drive once or twice a week to doctors, and to the store. the gas has to be saved for work. What can our government do better to help so many people that are hurting now. Do they really even care?


Post Open Letter to your Elected Representatives

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Buddha smiles in darkness  

Fighting everyday to keep my sanity and from living on the streets.

I am 35 years old and just want to work. I have never ever done this before. I have pride and I am living with my father who is kicking me out. I have applied for jobs and no answers. My resume is good. I work hard. I just want a chance. I am on the verge of being homeless by april. I was there before. I don't do drugs and I am a positive buddhist. I write music and poetry to help me continue to live. My health is affecting me because of what I have been through prison when I was in my teens. I have lived a positive life for a while and the resumes go answered. I am in school which I don't know how am I getting through. I refuse to do wrong except pray, meditate and make people laugh and smile. It is my kung fu fighting spirit. I am a single father and don't want my son see me as a failure. I feel like will smith in the pursuit of happiness. I have so many bills that I beg the storage people not to sell my furniture or my writings. I would love to work and have my own home someday. Then I can help others. I write cards or personal poems for people for donations so my thing is not pan handling for making people laugh or feel good with my words since I am a musician and writer. I owe my former land lady $2000 grand when I lost my job and moved out but still owed 2 months rent. I put my car as collateral for a loan a year ago to save me from eviction it didn't work because I never found a job in time thus eviction. Now I pay $150 a month and would have to pay a thousand to get my title back. This is so embarrassing that i am saying all of this. Bad things happen to good people. I want a job any job. I will write a card for donations 5 per poem/ card what ever for a wife or husband, fighting or getting back together, anniversary. I can write anything you name it. The universe is still beautiful. Thank you!
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Well my husband had surgery and came out ok, but now after he came home awhile he passed away Wednesnday evening and we are burying him with no life insurance and we are in a jam. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. My health is not good either especially after this it has affected it. Again thanks if anyone can help.
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i find that all the messages I've posted have no response or help from anyone. Why is this? How do poor, starving, broke diabled crippled people get help from Aidepage?????S
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No money, no food

Im not elibible for food stamps and have gone 3 days now with no food. Looking for help, cash assistance, food banks, anything. I've lost 75 pounds and counting. Anyone in the Montrose, CA area please help.
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baby dolls  

need help

i am in tears i am a grandmother who has 5 grand kids that depend on me and this is going to be a mighty sad Christmas for them. I moved from MI was collecting unempolyment witch i'm fighting been with out money since Aug. of this year. we behind on rent. I have truned to anybody to see a smile on there face. there is one 8 year old boy and 11, 10, 5, 2 year old girls. this is a struggle i don't want to give them up but i may be forced to if something don't happen soon. Somebody please help us.
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17 year old tring to help her family

I just really need some help my moms up set because she dont have the money for christmas. I feel really bad because I dont know how to help I go to central high school I'm tring to make something of my self but its geting hard because I want to help my family. All are cars are braking down and we barly get by on food. I have a little one year old niece, a sister, mommaw, brother, uncle, and because we dont have no money we can get them anything. Will you please help me have a christmas please.
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my family needs help with christmas

hi my name is tawny fuller, i am asking for help with my son and help for my moms kids as well for christmas. this year we will not be able to have a christmas because of our bills. if there is anyone out there who is willing to help me and my family please contact me on facebook or my yahoo. at, i appreciat it so very much. Thank you to all the kind people in this world who would be willing to help. I hope you have an amazing christmas and happy New Year. God Bless you all and i hope and prey i will be able to give my son and my little sisters the christmas they deserve :) thank you so much!
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struggling mama of 3  

Single broke mama of 3

I am a single mom and a college student. I don't receive any assistance other than food stamps and my student loan money, which only pays the bills. I have 3 boys 16,12,16months old. I need help with being able to give them a Christmas this year can anyone help us PLEASE
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Help for copd person.

Help we are living on ss and we hardly have any food to eat . My husband has copd and is in the last stages. We don't know if he will
be alive next year we have no money for christmas. We would like
help to make a nice dinner for him the year. Please help if you can .
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well I do not know what else to do. I have asked for help but it seems to be no good. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I have bills coming due and I do not know how to pay them.
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I do not think this is a place to help people. I think it is just a farce so to speak. If anybody cares to help with bills and all let me know. Thanks.
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Help Us To Pay Over 60K Hospital Bills


If someone can help us pay hospital bills.My wife Bozena two years ago she had breast cancer operations and chemotherapy.Because at the same time I lost my job for 3 months, our medical insurance has been terminated and 70% bills is still not paid.Now almost every month I fought in court for a reduction of these bills,without any effects.We are struggling financially even I working 14 hours a day seven days weekly.My current earnings are not sufficient to cover all payments and unfortunately my wife can not get no work anywhere and the money earned by me are mostly spent on doctors.At the moment we are on the way to lose our house because we pay as we can.Our children are no longer happy, because in most of the time usually they eat instant soup.We really need desperate help, If there is anyone that can help we would be grateful. Every Donation by PayPal :
Thank you all very much and God Bless you!
Kris Jesse
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The Collapse Continues

Well, It's 10:07 am, the crew just called and will be picking up our furniture it an hour. It's nice to know somebody is working.
We are now down to 4 eggs and 3 slices of bread for breakfast, guess i'll pass so they can eat.
Every moment i get more worried.
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Aidpage Open Letter: Americans Need Help NOW!

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware;
US Senators from Delaware: Christopher A. Coons, Thomas R. Carper;
US Representatives from Delaware: John C. Jr. Carney;

I am writing this letter for some kind of help for the people out of work or ones that are just not making enough to survive. My daughter works very hard cleaning for a living. She has no medical insurance of any kind. She only makes $1,300.00 a month and that is not clear. She had a room mate sharing the expenses but the person took off leaving her with a $900.00 electric bill and rent payment. She tried to get food stamps and they said because of her wages they could  only give her $16.00 a month for food.  What could anyone buy with that? Her front tooth broke off and she is walking around with that. She is so embarrassed about that. What does a person have to do, quit their job and have children out of wed lock to get help in this country. She is trying so hard and works every day but can't live on those wages. Her electric is going to be shut off. Social Services would not help her with this either. She pays $650.00 for a small apartment and she has to pay her car insurance, which she only can afford collision. I can't help her because I retired due to an accident and my husband lost his job 2 yrs ago and can't find another. He was making 6 figures and now only get social security. We were not  financially ready to retire yet. So we are struggling also. What is happening to our country? Someone better do something or I am afraid of what may happen to our people. We can only take so much. GET US BACK TO WORK ,LOWER THE GAS PRICES OR FIND A WAY TO HELP US. NOT THE ONES THAT DON'T HAVE CITIZENSHIP OR WE WILL VOTE ALL OF YOU OUT OF OFFICE. PETITIONS ARE GOING OUT. (There are much more out of work than what is being reported. All the people not collecting unemployment are not being counted. They are forgotten ones.)


Post Open Letter to your Elected Representatives

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Need help with loose capped front tooth

I have a severely loose capped front tooth. I payed for it when i had money 10 yrs ago. I am super affraid I am going to lose it. I work at burger place downtown and just dont make anywhere near enough money to fix it. On top of it I have lots of debt from when i was younger and school. If anyone could help me somehow just get this fixed or know of anyone that would do it as a charity to me
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